I’m not numbering this post because it’s drunken rambling

After a few shots of tequila I decided to look up cartoons from when I was young. I’m not a 90s kid TM, so for me I’m talking like mid-2000s, and I’m shocked to find fan art. Who actually sat down and decided to draw fanart of Jimmy Two Shoes? I forgot that show existed until an hour ago. Why are there full episodes of Captain Flamingo online? What the fuck is flash animation? But seriously, someone drew Jimmy Two Shoes fanart about him talking to a pony and Heloise (I don’t even know how I remember that name) is adding the pony to her kill list. Edgy.

Motorhead is good.

What the fuck is memorable about this show that you need to draw that tiny girl with tits? Why is the internet like this? I need more tequila. Dust and Glass by Motorhead is only 3 minutes long and that’s a sin. Anyone notice that Canada imported some really shitty cartoons? Like 6Teen, oh my god 6Teen was bad, the only thing that studio released that was palatable was Total Drama Island, I liked Stoked in my surf craze days (I still like surf rock, sue me) but holy shit it makes no sense. Who surfs in northern Atlantic seas?

I’m off to get more tequila.


2 thoughts on “I’m not numbering this post because it’s drunken rambling

  1. The internet can be a disgusting place. I’m still shocked at the time I saw AVP fanfiction about a girl who was pregnant by a predator. It’s like…why? And of course, I found it on Wattpad. Ugh!

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  2. One would think after all the crap I subject myself to on this hellhole that I’d be desensitized, but it’s the little things that surprise me.

    Besides, everyone knows the xenomorph queen is the true waifu… Ew.


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