68. Wattpad and racial fiction- as written by /POL/

Warning: If you get your titties in a twist about hearing any critique about pandering, racial pandering, or me making jokes at the expense of poor lifestyles (fatties), then you’ll probably be offended by the rest of my blog too. I don’t get squirmy about these things or making offensive jokes.


It’s been far too long since I’ve done a Wattpad romance, so I think I’ll torture myself on this fine day. There are so many diverse (asinine) tags, like Black Love, Black Woman White Man, Interracial, Love, yes love is a popular tag. The rest could all probably fit in one category, but this is Wattpad, Tumblr’s equally retarded cousin. Also, I’m waiting on my tag “Jewish Shiddach Arranged Marriage Forced by God and our Parents to Love” to take off.

I decided to go BWWM to see what was so edgy and new that it needed a separate category from romance, and well, nothing. The first recommended story is another CEO/Assistant romance, except with a Jewish businessman (I assume, the guy’s name is Asher), and an opinionated and strong willed black woman who don’t need no man and single mother. Because /POL/ is making these characters, right? Seriously, stereotypes.

The next story is another CEO story. The girl (with a stupidly spelled name) becomes homeless and has to take a job with a mean CEO. Seriously, who’s writing these black girls?

The third story is, wait for it, another CEO story! Except the girl is a maid this time. Damn black characters, stealing the stereotypes from Latina, oops I mean latinx (gotta be inclusive with a gendered language) characters!

The fourth story takes a break from the CEO fantasies and is instead a fattie fantasy. We got some fat bitch who finds herself a chubby chaser, except instead of being the usual creeps they are, she gets herself a fit, sexy man, the unicorn of chubby chasers.

The fifth story I think is about some guy falling in love with his slave. Is this a real fantasy people have? Like the Thomas Jefferson kind?

The sixth story is about a metalhead that stalks this black girl when he normally stays away from her “kind,” (way to make metalheads look bad,) and these stories are pretty fucking weird. Like what if I wrote a story about a Jewish banker that was fucking his Mexican maid, that would be pretty fucking weird. That’s how some of these are making me feel.

The fifth story, His Village Girl, in specific is doing that. Reading the first chapter is unsettling. We follow an eighteen year old girl who is shunned by her village as a witch, and they all seem to abuse her for it. Then she’s sold into slavery, and like I said, falls in love with her master. This isn’t even pandering, this is just some odd fantasy that somehow got popular. I mean, at least I credit it with being somewhat original? Wattpad unsettles me.

I’ve criticized pandering in writing before, and race is awfully tough to write about. You either slap it into a cliché like the CEO stories, the sin there is the cliché, you get something that cleverly talks about it, like Zootopia, you get pandering like MTV and the chubby chaser story, or you just get something weird, like the slave story.

Where am I going with this blog post? Nowhere really, I just wanted to point out another weir subsection on Wattpad.


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