66. Jimmy Carr

Dark humor makes you toe the line between jokes that make us realize how fucked up we are, and an edgy fourteen year old trying too hard to be offensive. If you tell a holocaust joke, you risk making yourself sound like your average /pol/ user. Plenty of comedians have used dark humor in their lifetimes; Carlin, Bruce, Pryor, Hicks, Black, Burr, C.K., Gervais, but most notably, Carr.

Jimmy Carr is a British comedian that is known for insulting hecklers and telling edgy jokes. Now I’ll admit, he makes me laugh, but it also makes me uneasy to admit that. Something about his comedy tells me that I should consider it purely edgy and of no merit, my standards of dark humor should be higher, but it doesn’t matter, apparently. The jokes are tasteless, or are they? They’re the kind of jokes that appear in askReddit threads, right? Am I not?

He’s clever, I’ll give him that. He did tell an offensive joke that didn’t say much actually offensive.

“They say there’s safety in numbers. Yeah, tell that to six million Jews.”

And he touted on stage about that one, and he wasn’t wrong. I like him, I like his comedy, but something about him is telling me that I shouldn’t. Maybe it’s his face, that cheeky look he always has. Or it’s the jokes that belong in a schoolyard. Or the very obviously staged hecklers oftentimes. I can’t pinpoint, perhaps it’s all of the above. Most likely it is. But even if I recognize all of those things, he’s still funny to me, and though it comes off as slightly shameful, it’s the truth.


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