62. Marvel Movies are Meh

Marvel movies are going downhill, and that’s because they’ve got comfortable. They don’t really care about us anymore, because we like them so much. They did Iron Man right, they did Avengers right, they did Guardians of the Galaxy right, but what else have they done that was actually good? Well, Winter Soldier, but that was rare. Name another good Captain America movie? I’ll wait. Pro tip, you can’t. Those movies are crap. Thor movies? Crap. Age of Ultron? Crap. Hulk? Don’t make me laugh. Deadpool? Eh, it was alright. I had fun watching it.

Marvel just comfortable they’ve decided we’re toilet paper with money instead of customers. They can pull whatever shit they want because they know that they’re not DC, and we’ll watch their movies. At least they’re enjoyable unlike DC movies. DC movies are just pure shit. Arrow too, I fucking hate Arrow.

I mean what the hell was going on in Civil War? The plot was buttfuck stupid, Baron Zemo did nothing, that cinematography gave me a goddamned headache, and I didn’t empathize with any characters, except for those car scenes with Bucky and Falcon. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 didn’t have a plot. Doctor Strange was like watching House M.D. on acid. Are you going to tell me that these are cinematic masterpieces, or cheap enjoyment for two hours? Yeah, we all know why you go see Marvel movies. You want to watch thirteen dollar, softcore, gay porn of guys named Chris and shitty couples. That’s why. I don’t buy it.


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