55. Poetry Month: I hate myself

Today, I was given a prompt, write everything that’s “forbidden” in a poem, and so I did. And I went overboard. I announced that I’d make the best damned Tumblr poem that they’ve ever seen, and by god I fucking did it. I became everything I hate today, channeled all the energies inside of me to make one of the biggest pieces of satire that I could ever make. It really took all I could, and it’s still being edited as we speak, as I think of more clichés to put inside of it, it may be a work in progress for all eternity. But to my dying day, this will be my most shameful magnum opus.



She was gone,

Like pallid moondrops they fell,

the droplets of scarlet velvet from my

alabaster skin, and my austere aura announced

au revoir.

She was gone,

They fell like passionate tropical rains

because of the shards of Whiskey glass,

and the golden heaven spared me from my misery.

She was gone,

left me sitting in the sand while the vast ocean let the

shore unsuccessfully soothed me from my suffering.

She was gone,

never to return, taking a piece of my soul along

with my heart that has ceased its romantic rhythm.

She was gone,

and now my only friends were a burning camel,

the pleasure pills being forced down my throat, and a

man from Tennessee, offering me liquid gold.

She was gone,

like the blood dripping from my clenched fist,

the Zelda to my F. Scott,

the unnamed woman to my Shakespeare,

the shotgun to my Hemingway.

She was gone.”

(I swear to god if this gets plagiarized then I have nothing to live for)

What can be said about this? Well, it’s a representation of all the shit I constantly see regurgitated, so what does it say about the world? Well, it says the world is shit when it comes to poetry. Sometimes you find a corn kernel amongst the shit that writes amazing poetry, but right now, right now I wrote Wattpad. Not what I saw on Wattpad. I wrote motherfucking Wattpad.

As I write this I am on the brink of sanity, I’m tired, I’ve been writing poetry and working on projects, I had to help with children, and I just finished Passover. I swear to god if I actually make it to Friday, then I’m going to treat myself this weekend.


Oh, and I also made a new Twitter, so if I ever get a good following, you can follow me @jmverlaat. Maybe I’ll talk about my own writing on there some day,


if I ever actually get anything popular,


oh god.


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