49. #Vault7 – A Very Shitty Story Arc

Alright, who’s the asshole that’s writing this bullshit? Seriously, motherfucker, you got so lazy this season. It’s like you’ve been trying to outdo yourself after World War 2, and the Cold War was a good story arc, but you’re trying to set up a sequel to it and it’s just not working out well. You’ve run out of ideas, I mean come on, more Islamic terrorist groups, the Russians again, and two episodes of the U.S. government spying on citizens? You’re just rehashing your bullshit over and over again. Come on buddy, I know you can do better than that.

What’s that? We’re not in a novel? No, no, that can’t be. The CIA is trying to do “meme warfare,” and hacking cars and trucks? Come on, this writer is just trying to rip off a James Bond movie that doesn’t exist. Or more like Austin Powers. You can’t just go and change the genre out of nowhere, but after the last election, you’re trying to mix science fiction, spy fiction, and comedy! It makes no sense anymore.

Is there some kind of deadline that you need to meet? You used to make such quality work, the Roman arc is one of my favorites! But the introduction of memes was already a bad idea, and you foreshadowed way too hard with that Yuri Bezmenov character. The internet was also a very bad idea, it just doesn’t make any literary sense. Why would people be such pieces of shit to each other on there, when their moral system is supposed to be the complete opposite?

The point is, you’ve gotten lazy, Mister/Miss/Missus/Doctor Author, this season of politics is getting too out of hand. Come on, you really expect me to believe in a CIA deep state that’s monitoring the whole world? You’re fucking crazy.


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