48. Winx Club- Who Actually Watched it?

Winx Club, anyone remember that? That shitty show about fairies? Well I found out it has a decent amount of stories on fanfiction.net, 5,500 of them, which actually baffled me. I had forgotten that show existed, and ended up Googling it. It ran for 7 seasons, is Italian, and ran until two-thousand-fucking-fifteen. Now don’t go asking me about what type of animation it is, I’m putting my money on Adobe Flash, but I’m a writer, not an animator.

So yeah, the show is crappy, but hey, I’m not talking about the show itself, I’m not about to sit in public and watch a kid’s show about fairies. It’s bad enough that it’s in my search history now.

“What We Do” is a Winx Club fan fiction with eighteen chapters and counting, and 111 followers, so I guess that’s big for a fan fiction. I still haven’t figured out this shitty website. Immediately we’re thrown into the action, someone was supposed to die but she let him live. Who the fuck is she? Even when I got a name, I still had no clue, and I wasn’t  going to go and Google even more of that show to find out. Apparently it’s this fairy named Bloom who was supposed to kill this possessed guy named Baltor, but her fairy dust got rid of the demon in him. Is fairy dust anything like angel dust? Anyway, they eventually get shipped.

Yeah I’m not even going to read this whole thing, I think we already know how this is going to go, and lately I have actually been valuing what little sanity I have left. I just want to take a minute to think about this. This show was never very popular here, I think it was on Nickelodeon for a bit, but it ran longer than I’d expected, and there are fanfictions being published or updated within hours or days of me writing this. Who cared about this show enough to make it so popular on this shitshow of a website? I swear to god, the deeper I go into the rabbit hole, the less I learn about people.


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