47. Roses and Fire – Batman Fanfiction because I Hate Myself

I want it to be known the sad extents that I go to for this blog. In my phone browser, fanfiction.net is one of the most popular pages, and Wattpad would be to if I hadn’t deleted it from my queries.

Ah fanfiction.net, the start of many adolescent writers, and the end of others. It’s a shithole, an ever growing shithole, and the comic category is considerably large. Homestuck is the largest subcategory, with 17,000 stories, and in a close second is Batman, with nearly 16,000 stories. This doesn’t surprise me; an edgy and brooding superhero attracts edgy and brooding teenagers. But guess who edgy teenagers love even more than Batman. She’s another Batman character, plenty of nerds jack it to her, she sucks clown dick; c’mon you know who it is: Poison Ivy! Cat Woman! Batgirl! This isn’t sexual fan art, it’s Harley Quinn!

Yes, everyone’s favorite quirky character from Suicide Squad (because that shitheap only grew the horrible fascination with the Joker and Harley’s relationship) is the topic of our fanfiction today. Now surprisingly, it’s not someone romanticizing that which should never be romanticized, it’s a story of Harley leaving the abuse. This shows that our writer has common sense, but what’s even more surprising than that is our writer has potential. The grammar is there, and she knows that descriptive writing exists. Is she a good writer though? Eh, not really. It’s untapped potential being directed into the wrong outlet, she could be a good writer, but she’s not using her skills properly. Fanfiction doesn’t give prospective writers room to grow, because creating your own characters and settings is such an important part to growing as a writer. You can’t borrow someone else’s ideas and expect to get better at world building.

She could improve, but not if she continues down the path of fanfiction.

The story itself? What the fuck do you expect? I said she had potential, I didn’t say she was good at making a story. It’s boring, she leaves, Batman takes her to Arkham, gets her out, her old colleagues try to kill her, Batman takes her in, and of course, of course, she falls in love with him. He gets kidnapped, she goes to rescue him. He falls for her too. Painfully boring.

Here’s my two cents, kid, quit the fanfiction game, work on writing your own shit, and see where you end up. But as is, you won’t go anywhere, and don’t expect to when you don’t make your own goddamned characters.


2 thoughts on “47. Roses and Fire – Batman Fanfiction because I Hate Myself

  1. Hmm, while I do agree with your article, I don’t know about the writing fanfiction won’t get you anywhere part. Sadly, we cannot deny a lot of terrible stories are getting published off the internet now. “50 Shades of Grey” and “After” were fanfics. Albeit, they are both sexual stories with “hot guys,” but the stories got published.

    In general, I think the internet is helping to destroy the beauty of the written word. Good post!


    • Hmm, that is a fair point that I didn’t consider at the time, but you know, even a blind dog finds a bone once in a while. I guess a better way to rephrase it is: Writing is already an incredibly difficult field to succeed in, so you slim your chances even more when writing fan fiction.

      I appreciate the feedback, so thank you!

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