44. Gay South Park Fan Fiction

Back to the fanfiction today; did you know that South Park is one of the most popular subcategories in the cartoon category on Fanfiction.net? If you did, well then there’s something wrong with you. But if you’re normal like me, then it really comes as a surprise, because what about South Park wants you to go and write a fanfiction? It’s four fucked up children doing fucked up things, and pretty often with a political message. It’s such an odd show to want to mimic to a tee, because even the normal rip-offs fall flat, what makes some schmuck on the internet think they can capture the essence of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. But why the hell am I surprised?


“Brink of Insanity” pushes the children into their senior year of high school, where they go on a field trip and run into a town filled with rabies zombies. It also has shipping. According to the author: “Ships: a Creek story with side ships.” So, from the description I already pieced together “edgy, gay, thirteen year old boy.” Why does that mixture make me so uncomfortable?


Reading on, what did I expect? The tenses aren’t steady; one paragraph will be in past tense, the next will be in present tense. The spelling is mostly there, which makes it so much worse when one key word is misspelled. Then there’s the fact that I can’t get the actual characters out of my head, because there’s only one way to look at them. You can’t just take these characters and then say they’re teenagers, I’ll still see the paper cutout kids. Then you can’t even capture the characters correctly, it doesn’t work. You can’t give Tweek a twitch and then think that makes up for it.

The plot is even worse, it’s a generic zombie story, but with rabies instead. It’s like this fucker tried to mix South Park and 28 Days Later, but with gay romance too. It’s just a boring and uncomfortable. I see them as kids, and them having a gay romance is very, very uncomfortable.


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