Merry Christmas!

I know what you’re thinking, trust me, I do. “This daft bastard, it’s January! Fuck off with your Christmas shit!”

Well, you’re not wrong, it is indeed January as I write this. But get this. There’s Christmas in December, Christmas in July, but January, boring boring January, has nothing. There’s Valentine’s Day in February, St. Paddy’s in March, Easter and Passover in April, Mother’s Day in May, Father’s Day in June, Fourth of July in July, International Lefthander’s Day in August (guess what I’m celebrating this August), Labor day in September, Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, but January? Let’s give January some love.


Not buying it? Yeah, neither am I. Here’s the real deal: I also opened up a Tumblr hoping to get more views. We’re all attention whores. I forgot to keep posting here because laziness. All my posts from Tumblr are going to be put here, Christmas posts included, and I’m making this my main blog again.





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