31. Unwrapped

I’m going to do something I never do, recommend something. And much to my surprise, I’m recommending something Christmas related. Now, it’s a comedy and a short film, things I actually enjoy, but with that out of the way, let’s talk about Unwrapped (2013), by a YouTube channel called “Vick Krishna.”

Let’s get the flaws out of the way:

  •  The opening scene features one of the most clichéd characters, a boss who’s a dick right before Christmas.
  • The set design looks too depressing for even a mail office in a corporate building.
  • The characters aren’t exactly clear cut, given that they’re silent, and we just have to assume that they’re mail-boys.
  • Not all of the music fits well. Some of the songs help the overdramatic mood of the plot, but then we get hit with some songs that are far too upbeat. And a dubstep version of “jingle bells.” I really don’t like dubstep.
  • I’m not sure how to feel about this ending.

Now what I like about it:

  • The characters’ silence helps the slapstick shtick.
  • Watching these two characters fight like idiots with increasing stupidity is right up my alley when it comes to humor.
  • It’s slapstick. How many comedy sketches are slapstick nowadays?
  • The premise is absurd, down to the core.
  • I’m still not sure how to feel about this ending.

What’s the plot? Two employees, Vick and John, have to stay overtime on Christmas to wrap up presents in the office. Time goes on, and it’s going well as they get close to the end, but with two packages left, and only one strand of tape left, they start to fight over the tape. The situation devolves as the fight gets more heated. That’s all there is to it, it’s awfully minimalistic, and for a skit, I absolutely love it. Christmas has almost fuck-all to do with the actual plot, and it could have been done on any other day, so it gains points with me. Finally, the music, despite being Christmas music, isn’t all that bad.

With mixed feelings about the ending, I feel like it still fits, so I give this sketch an 8.5/10. I recommend it to everyone.



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