19. Motel 6 [Niall Horan]

Something about fan fiction involving real people creeps me out more than any other fan fiction. Something about the One Direction fan base creeps me out more than most fan bases. Something about the One Direction fan fiction makes me want to vomit.

Motel 6 [Niall Horan] is just another piece on Wattpad that involves One Direction, but this one has over a million views on the first chapter.

Speaking of the first chapter:

·         There’s a girl named Aimee. Don’t spell it Amy, that’s too main stream.

·         Abusive relationship

·         Main character married to her high school sweet heart

·         First person fan fiction makes me even sadder

So we get some exposition to the main character, she got pregnant accidentally and is now stuck in an abusive relationship with her high school sweetheart and three year old daughter. She gets her face slammed into a kitchen counter over a displaced twenty dollars, and finally leaves her relationship.

The second chapter we’re given Niall, and it’s supposed to have drama, but it sucks. He keeps getting death threats from a private email, and is getting scared. What the writer apparently doesn’t know is that celebrities get death threats on a regular basis in the modern world, because it’s so easy to receive them. It’s not like thirty years ago where you had to find a celebrity’s address, make a letter take it to the mail, and send it to them. This is what used to make death threats scary, they knew where you lived. Getting repeated e-mails doesn’t have that gravitas.

But this time it’s different! He actually gets shot at! So he goes into hiding, they meet at a cheap motel, and love ensues.

The grammar and potential are here. Sure, romance is as clichéd as it gets, but this is one of those works where if you took the fan fiction out, and created a real character, avoided changing perspectives, put it in third person, and this could actually be a readable story. Maybe not good, but it would be a first step.

“Yeah, I left my abusive relationship and met my new lover at a cheap motel, where I was staying with my three year old daughter.”

That doesn’t really sound like a good plot, but it could have worked. It could have been something different, but the author wanted to throw in Niall Horan for no reason. She wanted to have the character, most likely a self-insert, to fall in love with a rich, famous, attractive guy that the author obviously wants. This is why it failed, and it pained me to read, even though the grammar and spelling were there. Mix that with the fact that a real person was written into first person, which is creepy, and we have this, the trainwreck that could have been, if it wasn’t a fan fiction.


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