18. Tumblr Poetry

I hate poetry, I hate most of Tumblr, so what do you get when you mix them? The reason I drink.

Why is Tumblr poetry so angsty? Is it the teenage wrath? The lack of writing skills? Maybe it all started with one and it’s been a nasty cycle of emulation, where those feeling angst are drawn like moths to a flame to an angsty poem, and shape theirs after it.

My point is these are either angst-ridden or sappy as all hell. So many of these are either about: love, lost love, self-harm, or some directed anger.

What is this? Why are you signing with initials? Do you think you’re cool? Because you’re not.


Everyone is signing off with initials. Jkg, K.P.K, K.L. n.c., m.k., just stop guys, just stop. Initials are not a pseudonym, just make a fucking pseudonym.

I don’t care about your cut wrists. Believe it or not, I’m not your therapist. I suggest reading this poem to him/her instead, you might get better results.

Seriously, get off Tumblr, get help. Self-harm isn’t cool, edgy, or poetic. It’s a result of mental illness.

CRAWLING IN MY SKIN, THESE WOUNDS THEY WILL NOT HEAL. If you’re going to be edgy, at least spell your words correctly. Do you know what punctuation is? Did you know that lowercase letters are a thing, or do you still ride the short bus to school?

Take no responsibility for anything ever, that is what this poem is saying. If you’re a monster, it’s her/his fault. You weren’t a shitty person before, you were a saint that went wrong after a bad partner. Go to hell.


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