16. Poking at a Rotting Corpse

I love poking at giants, and I haven’t done enough (or any) shows, so today I’m going to rant about a show I once liked.

Being a fan of fantasy and horror, classic rock, and cars, Supernatural was a natural fit for me. When I first started watching it, I was immediately hooked. I’m not sure of many other guys hat watched it, but the episodes had action, humor, references, can get pretty brutal, and sometimes we need a break from masculinity and delve into drama.

The show delivered, for the first five seasons at least. It used the monster-of-the-week formula pretty well, while developing an overarching plot that was supposed to build up to the series finale in season five. It was like watching Buffy with two brothers instead of Sarah Michelle Gellar, and a lot of rock music. The intro to every season is always new, watching the outro was worth it for the music, and everyone loves the season finale outro, with the familiar “Carry on my Wayward Son,” playing each time.

But like I mentioned, the show was meant to go to season five. The writers had an idea in their head, and they followed through with it. What they never expected was the sheer popularity of the show, how big the fan base grew, and when ratings go up, executives get the cartoon dollar signs in their eyes.

The executives ruined the show, because the concept of “ending on a high note” is non-existent with them. They love to run things to the ground to get the last penny out, and then they finally jump ship.

They didn’t end at running the show into the ground and giving it terminal seasonal rot, no they gave into fan servicing. One of their interns must have come across Tumblr and Fanfiction.net, because every episode started to read like a fan fiction afterwards. We were given plots rife with homoeroticism between the two main characters, who are brothers mind you. The season finales started to become predictable, with one brother dying to the season’s antagonist, and then the other sacrificing himself for the dead one, which leads to the conflict of the next season.

Originally posted by 66uniquebreadbe

           For the next five seasons, we were given boring, overused plots, with the only occasional diamond in the rough (like the French Mistake in season six, which gave way to the only episode worth in every season, their meta episodes where they made fun of themselves.) The writers knew the show went to shit, which is why the meta episodes existed, but money talks and bullshit walks.

We were given the manic pixie dream girl, Charlie, who was basically a Tumblr wet dream; a lesbian, ginger, nerd character that comes out on top all the time, and goes to fucking Oz. Yes, they actually go to fucking Oz in the later seasons; more than once if I remember correctly.

The brothers were constantly gay for each other, for some reason. Oh and Dean and Castiel became gay for each other.

The angel subplot was absurd, and Metatron is an incredibly annoying character, also vaguely Jewish (see TV tropes). Angels get locked out of heaven and there’s a civil war, because god’s missing and Castiel wants them to have free will. There is no depth here.

Dean becomes a demon, and eventually they find God, five to seven seasons after it’s implied that Chuck was god, at the end of season five. Yeah, who needs ambiguity? Just reuse a plot that was closed back in 2010.

Dean loses his trademarked car in one season. The car is basically half of the reason to watch the show post-season five.

They turn the King of Hell into a pussy, and his mom takes over, but she’s a boring villain. So is the knight of hell, whatever her name was. (The writers have a hard-on for gingers though, so many red headed characters for some reason.)

Now Lucifer is coming back apparently, and again, just reuse a plot that was finished back in 2010.

Originally posted by spnfallencas

           Some people have told me that the show got better, but I really don’t believe it. I wish the show would get better, and it seemed like there were high points, even a whole good season here and there, but seasonal rot is very real, and whenever it gets good, your dreams are dashed. The writers shouldn’t have to work with this anymore, but here we are, 11 years after the show started. Anyone who still watches it is doing it out of nostalgia, because they masturbate to Sam and Dean, or because they like the show for some reason, but I do none of these, so I took my leave. I hope others do too, just so the show can die already, for its own good.


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