15. Fnaftale a undertale fnaf crossover”

Every show, video game, movie, book, play, sports team, or whatever else can be rallied behind has a toxic fan base. They differ however in how toxic their fan bases are. A show like Regular Show has some weirdos drawing furry porn about Mordecai and Rigby, but overall it’s got a relatively calm fan base. A show like My Little Pony does not. However, in recent years, two video games rose above the usual levels of toxicity, and grew like cancer cells to become some of the worst fan bases to ever exist, these games are Undertale and Five Nights atFreddy’s (or FNaF). As one would expect, the fan bases intertwined and now we have crossover fan fictions.

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Here’s Fnaftale a undertale fnaf crossover:

The biggest problem upon opening the link is (besides a lack of originality, talent, ability to hold interest, and the usual criticisms) is that a story is written in play format. For some reason this is written the way Shakespeare is transcribed, but writes narration normally (sort of,) and I’m not entirely sure why. It doesn’t even seem like a style choice, this idiot just never opened up a book and learned how dialogue works.

“Jill, I’m pregnant.” Jack said.

“Jack, how could you?” Jill cried.

–How dialogue works in a story

Jack: Jill, I am the preggos!

Jill: Oh no u bitch  Jack: dats berry mean jack said and yes

-How this imbecile did it.

With that out of the way, let’s cover just how unoriginal this is. They literally just took the format and plot of FNaF (a security guard being hired to work the night shift at a Chuck E Cheese’s rip off and having to survive the night with murderous animatronics) and dumping characters from Undertale into it for some reason. At least Sonic High School tried to make an original (but shitty) plot with the characters.

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One character was turned into a girl and apparently there’s a “ship” between them, BUT IT WASN’T FOR THAT. Just to clarify. I hate Fanfiction.net.

After chapter one, the spelling goes downhill quick; apparently the writer thinks “c” always makes the same sound as “s” to the point where they rarely use the letter “s.” And apparently every chapter is ending in a cliffhanger, but I’m so bored that I don’t even notice.

By chapter four the “author” finally got a grasp on writing conventions, at least somewhat, and cut out the pseudo script dialogue. They still forgo quotation marks, but you can’t have it all.

So you may be wondering what the plot is beyond “Sans and Frisk in FNaF” (you’re probably not), and honestly, so am I.

Eventually one of the animatronics becomes good and leaves the pizzeria, but my question is “what compelled you to write this?”

For once, my wishes for a main character to die are fulfilled, Frisk dies. Sadly it’s not for real, but then that’s the last chapter that’s been posted. I will not be returning for more.

I give this fanfiction a “reading this gave me an aneurysm/10”


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