11. Dipper goes to Taco Bell

I have no shame

Dipper Goes to Taco Bell is one of the nastiest pieces of shock fiction that you will ever read. To save you the journey, it’s got scat, auto-fellating, incest, necrophilia, severe torture, and cannibalism. It’s the second worst thing I’ve ever read, and still somehow I was laughing my ass off while reading it. I’m either incredibly desensitized, laughed as a defense mechanism, or both.

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           Shock fiction is related to troll fiction. It’s a piece of writing (usually a fan fiction) that is meant to be bad and shocking. The writer is not intending for it to hold any value, instead they want to parody and exercise their ability to be fucked up. Dipper Goes to Taco Bell is a shock fan fiction about Dipper, from Gravity Falls.The story is absurd and the dialogue even more so. The narration is like a little kid or a drunkard telling a story.

“‘OW!’ Dipper shouted. A pine needle poked him. It hurts.”

Summary: Grunkle Stan and Mabel want to get some pancakes at the diner, but Dipper wants to go to somewhere else. In the whole town, the diner is the only restaurant, except for the Taco Bell in the woods. Yes, Taco Bell just so happens to be in the woods.

Dipper goes there, and almost gets lost on his way. The Taco Bell apparently looks like the Chum Bucket, and is surrounded by picnic tables. Inside, we’re introduced to my favorite character, some old and deaf cashier who yells everything.

“‘Excuse me, I’ll hav-’

‘WE ONLY GOT TACOS!’ the cashier interrupted.

‘Ok, I guess I’ll have a taco, then.’ Dipper said.

‘WHAT DID YOU SAY?’ the cashier yelled.

‘I SAID I WANT A TACO.’ Dipper yelled back.” This dialogue is the most unnecessary part of this whole story, and it made me laugh my ass off.

It all goes downhill from here, any gems are lost, and they’re replaced with general insanity.

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The taco is intricately described; Dipper eats it, and immediately has to go to the bathroom. He gets diarrhea and didn’t get there on time, so he ended up shitting his pants. When he’s about to leave, he notices that he’s got a hard on from this. He starts jerking it, eventually using his shit. It gets worse and worse until he licks cum and shit, auto-fellates himself, bites his dick open, tries to stop the bleeding with his shit and semen, and then he bleeds to death.

Mabel comes around to find him, sees his dead body in the bathroom, covered in his own everything, French kisses her dead brother, and has sex with her dead brother. There’s even vomit in this necrophilia episode, because we couldn’t stop at shit, semen, or blood. We had to get vomit too.

Then she gets murdered; brutally murdered, in fact. She’s slowly cut, cut open, scalped, and dismembered. Once she’s done being murdered, she and dipper get turned into tacos, and are served to another character named Soos. The end.

It’s definitely shocking, I can say the writer achieved that.


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