7. Just because it’s meant to be bad…

Just because it’s meant to be bad doesn’t mean it’s good, or that you just made cutting edge satire. Just because it’s a “style” doesn’t mean that it’s a good style. If something is intentionally shitty doesn’t change the fact that it’s shitty.

Satire should have you questioning if something is real or not at first, but it shouldn’t be the basis of it all. If I go and say that The Flying Spaghetti Monster is real as a joke, but I go and start performing atrocious acts in the name of it, I crossed the line from satire into reality, and saying that I did it ironically won’t change any facts of the matter.

If you’re writing style involves forgoing common syntax and grammar, then you’re writing style blows. Saying that it’s “just the style,” sounds like a shitty workshop excuse for avoiding the embarrassment.

If you’re writing is meant to be a parody, then make it obvious that it’s a parody so that it can be judged as so, but don’t try to hide behind the façade of satire and parody to excuse your shitheap.

You don’t get an award for trying; you get an award for succeeding. You shouldn’t gain recognition for your piece of satire if the satire isn’t actually good. You didn’t put in any effort aside from overused tropes and underusing grammar. If I can’t tell with certainty that you’ve made a joke, then you’ve failed at your job. You don’t deserve praise for minimal effort, make your joke obvious or don’t try at all.


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