2. On Fan Service

As a writer, your aim is to please the audience with your work, but there is a point where your integrity and the integrity of your work is at stake when you try too hard to please. This point is called “fan service,” and I’m asking kindly, don’t fucking do it. 

At no point should you ruin your work yo do what you think will appeal to the masses. The reason I say this is because your work comes out like shit when you do it. You end up driving away your fans by dropping the quality of your work.

A good example of this is Supernatural, which suffers seasonal rot and very uncomfortable fan servicing. The first five seasons were fine, no major drawbacks, but when the TV execs decided they wanted to milk the cow and beat a dead horse at once, they started to give in to weird internet dwellers, and provide them with more homoerotic/incestuous sexual tension between the show’s main characters.

Romantic fan service is a crime, if character’s aren’t written with a natural chemistry, but in the case of fan service, you get some schmucks on the internet decide who they want “shipped,” their only qualifications being “I have a Tumblr.”

Fan service can also go on beyond altering your existing story, it can also be creating something entirely based off of what someone else wants. Executives love doing this, finding demographics to appeal to, consulting polls, charts, and other marketing bullshit, then they hire a writer desperate for coin, a director that wants their name out there, and some C-list actors. They then proceed to shit out the same retired, old formulas for movies and TV, and we get the current sad state of Hollywood, and I have to repeatedly tell my parents that there isn’t actually anythung good coming out, yet they continuously refuse to believe me.

The Young Adult genre is usually walking fan service, the writers make bland protagonists with no real character development, and a million love interests. The fan service here is making a character that the readers could easily replace with themselves.

My point is: Don’t be an idiot, don’t give in to idiots, choose what’s best for your own characters, and be a writer, an artist, not a businessman.

This was a public service announcement because I had nothing else to write about at the moment.


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